Breast Asymmetry

Strictly speaking, no woman has absolutely symmetrical breasts. At a minimum, mild variations are present for all women. However, at times the differences between the two breasts are stark. For those afflicted with substantial imbalances, embarrassment is a common reaction. Queries abound as to why did it happen?… what went wrong? There might be a specific answer to this in some cases, but for the vast majority the causes are not identifiable or easily explained. Usually we must simply be satisfied with a generalized explanation that the genetic programming was different for each side. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Okamoto, can help to improve the appearance of asymmetrical breasts with successful results.

Breast Asymmetry Procedure

Since the variations are unique, individual advice is required for each case. The simplest asymmetry is a unilateral undersized breast. In this instance, a breast augmentation for the smaller breast might be the solution. When imbalanced breast volumes are accompanied with a variation in nipple position, sometimes repositioning of one of the nipples is recommended with breast augmentation on one side or both. If one breast is sagging, a mastopexy (breast lift) on this side might be done. If one breast is larger than the other, a unilateral breast reduction is usually accomplished. As you can see, the recommended corrective process depends on the presentation and the desired goals for each patient.

Please contact Dr. Eric Okamoto for more information on procedures to improve breast asymmetry. Dr. Okamoto will be happy to meet with you during an initial consultation to discuss your goals.

*Individual results may vary