Tell Me About Sculptra®

There are many reasons where I think about the use for Sculptra®. Although the most common application is to restore age-related facial volume loss in key areas where the face literally shrinks, it is also useful to augment chins and cheeks for those who have always been underserved in these zones. The best things about Sculptra® are that it can be easily administered in the office, that it creates changes that slowly evolve, that it lasts for years, and that it is very safe. For anyone interested about learning more about this very effective treatment, you can read about it on my website under the “non-surgical” tab, or click here. There you will find a fuller disclosure about Sculptra® with some photographic before/after results.

Although it has been used to fill facial deficiencies for decades, Sculptra® only recently achieved FDA approval in 2009 for cosmetic use. Since then it has gained a wider public audience. In my experience the most common user is someone who wants to turn back the clock in a subtle manner and in an office setting. The typical areas that need filling are cheeks, around the mouth and chin, and in the temples. I also often fill out the hollowing in the lower lid area with full knowledge that this is an injection that requires more care and expertise. Usually a set of three injections separated six weeks apart is required to reach the desired endpoint, but it can be as few as two injections and sometimes four or more. The rate of improvement depends upon two things: (a) the amount of Sculptra used for each session; and (b) the amount of volume that each injection creates because, unlike Restylane® and Juvederm® which simply fill, this is an agent that grows collagen rendering a lasting effect for years. Therefore, when someone picks Sculptra® for cosmetic improvement, it becomes a work in progress since it is difficult to know how much total Sculptra® will be needed and how long it will take to achieve the desired look.

Sculptra injections have become one of the most popularly requested treatments in my office. It is difficult for me to predict how each individual will react to it, but the ultimate results are generally worth the effort. Sometimes facial volume restoration is the only thing that is needed to regain youthfulness. Having the capability to accomplish this as an office procedure is very handy. I like it and endorse it.