How to Get the Most Out of Your Facelift Consultation

facelift fremont caAs noted in our previous blog post describing Dr. Okamoto’s unique approach to facial rejuvenation consultations, our plastic surgeon structures the entire consultation around your aesthetic concerns. To help Dr. Okamoto find the most beneficial treatment options for your needs, it is recommended that you prepare for the visit by considering potential questions.

Oftentimes, patients describe their aesthetic concerns through what other people have told them. For example, many claim their friends frequently tell them they have a “tired” appearance. While this can be helpful, Dr. Okamoto notes that explaining what you are specifically concerned with is more beneficial. Are there certain areas that bother you? Do you want an overall younger-looking appearance? Answering these questions and describing your goals can help Dr. Okamoto understand what you hope to achieve with surgery, therefore leading him to the best option for your needs, whether it is a facelift, browlift, or another facial rejuvenation procedure. An additional question to consider is: Are you interested in surgery or only non-surgical options?

Based on your feedback to these topics, Dr. Okamoto can more accurately suggest options that can address your concerns. With your permission, he can also identify signs of aging that you may not have noticed, which can open up more treatment options that you may not have considered.

To schedule your consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon and learn how you can achieve a rejuvenated facial appearance, please contact us today.